Monmouth Lions





Monmouth Lions collect used eye glasses, hearing aids and cell phones for refurbishing and distribution to Monmouth residents and people in need throughout the US and other countries. The Lions additionally provide funding for purchasing new eyeglasses and hearing aids for Monmouth residents in need.


The Monmouth Lions Sponsers a Comunity Supper every year at the Packard Center.



Together with the Monmouth Dept. of Public works, the Lions Club developed the Monmouth Adopt-a-Highway program. This continues to be operated, under authorization of the Select Board, by the Dept. of Public Works. The program assigns volunteer groups to pick up trash on designated highways. The Lions continue to participate as one of the volunteer groups and twice yearly collect trash from their assigned highway.


Monmouth Lions, together with the Dept. of Public Works, maintain hiking trails and the picnic area at Whittier Woods, and In conjunction with Kennebec Land Trust, Monmouth Lions assist in maintaining additional nearby hiking trails.


 The Monmouth Lions Sponsers an annual Thanksgiving Dinner For Seniors at the Cottrell School.



Beginning in 2016 Lions will be assisting the Stanton Bird Club in maintaining hiking trails in Woodbury Nature Sanctuary located near the golf Club in Monmouth.


The Monmouth Lions Sponsers an annual Speakout event for Monmouth Students.


With substantial support from Bates Mill, the Lions developed the Monmouth Community Vegetable Garden. The program provides very low cost, centrally located garden plots for residents who wish to grow vegetable but do not have suitable land. The Lions and Bates Mill continue to sponsor the program.


Club members, in conjunction with the Monmouth Police Dept., deliver Meals on Wheels to Monmouth residents.



If you would like to know more or help with any of these efforts, contact a Lion today.